Cornelia Schleime / Three steps and one breath

04. December 2021 – 29. January 2022

"... yes, I have remained as I am, changeable" - Cornelia Schleime wrote in her autobiographically tinged novel 'Weit fort'. Her artistic work reflects this impression wonderfully, even down to her biography. Born in East Berlin, she felt the pressure of the former GDR regime at first hand, which culminated in her escape or, more correctly, expatriation to the West. The artist compensated for the ban on painting before that by elevating her body itself to art: in photographs and performances. In painting after 1984 - the early work was largely lost - she remained true to herself until today. Without ever really creating self-portraits, there is always a piece of herself in her fictional representations of figures, some of which are borrowed from the media. Traces of the life she has lived can be seen in the technique itself: the use of shellac and asphalt varnish over acrylic produces chapped surfaces, and the faces are as vulnerable as they are resolute, never perfect, but always fascinating. The ambivalence of existence comes to perfect fruition in her unmistakable, expressive style - the personal mental wounds become a universal aesthetic form. In doing so, the artist strives to surprise herself. She consciously embarks on the adventure of painting in order to discover herself, while the viewer has the chance to find himself and his time reflected in it. Dreams and desires, the experienced and the imagined, the mythical and the fairy-tale challenge us, the looks of the sitters focus us, their physiognomies and limbs are sometimes damaged, marked by life. In her works on paper Cornelia Schleime goes even further in the spontaneous gesture, the élan vital - and yet every brushstroke sits. The sometimes monumental canvases are comparable to an opulent stage presence, a grand opera - scenes of a life lived. Cornelia Schleime has transformed the injuries of being into picturesque soul landscapes of profound faces and multilayered faces. Whoever looks at them will never forget them.
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