Peter Sehringer – Counterpoint

20. March – 15. May 2021

Peter Sehringer's painting is as polyphonic as the world. In order to do justice to this polyphony, which also branches out and differentiates itself more and more, he manifests his pictorial language in ever new series of paintings that trace the relationship between natural reality and aesthetic form. As he makes these traces serially recognizable as paths, and moreover radically undoes by-ways and off-ways by reworking existing works, even trimming them in format, his work is in constant process. In his current creation he devotes himself to the fig tree. At first, one may think of the scenario as quite mundane and relaxed: under the Italian sun, a piece of shade provided by the large-format leaves of the fig. Their blueprint leads to an inquiring look: Peter Sehringer turns it into a formal game with analytical and sensual devotion. In the contemplative fascination for the natural structures we follow the painterly realization, which turns the leaves into an abstract-concrete structure as a cipher for the world itself, also with regard to the symbolism of the proverbial fig leaf. Peter Sehringer presents us in his painting, as it were, the part as well as the whole, he sets color melodies in striking voices and counter-voices, he does not seek harmony, but consciously the contrasts that he perceives in reality and brings them into an aesthetically convincing form. He borrowed the idea of counterpoint from music.
The exhibition is complemented by exemplary works from recent years.
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