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Best of 2019 / Highlights of our anniversary year

At the end of the anniversary year, Galerie Schlichtenmaier reflects on a successful exhibition course in 2019. For this reason, we have named this year's last exhibition in Stuttgart, which we will open on December 5, "Best of 2019". With selected masterpieces, we commemorate the artists in the program who helped shape this year at our two locations in Stuttgart and Schloss Dätzingen. Together with the pending exhibition in Grafenau from December 14, we will be able to book a whole 17 exhibitions for 2019 - whereby we have not even taken into account the four trade fair participations at Art Karlsruhe, Cologne Fine Art, Munich Highlights and Cologne Fine Art.
So now we show in the Stuttgart show - in alphabetical order - works from Max Ackermann to Bernd Zimmer and - chronologically - from Adolf Hölzel to Anna Bittersohl. With the retrospective is also the thanks to you: our friends and loyal visitors as well as to numerous new customers, who are an incentive for us to continue to present the art of the last 100 years in the usual high quality.
We wish you all a peaceful Advent month, a good end of the year and a happy New Year 2020. If you like to escape the all too busy hustle and bustle of these days, you are in good hands in our galleries - the beautiful things in life are best experienced in free, unstressed looking.

Review of 2019

Manuela Tirler - Steel plants (Dätzingen Castle)
Volker Blumkowski - Querbeet, or: is there a theme? (Stuttgart)
From Hölzel to Bauhaus - An exhibition on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus (Stuttgart)
Martinmüller - Scores of color (Dätzingen Castle)
Uniquely graphic - Single sheets and portfolio works from 5 decades (Stuttgart)
Lambert Maria Wintersberger - The reality of the image (Dätzingen Castle)
Of the experience of places - The late work of Fred Thielers (Stuttgart)
Horst Kuhnert to the 80th birthday (Castle Dätzingen)
Lothar Quinte - The dignity of color (Stuttgart)
What's up ?! - Contemporary Positions (Anniversary Show Castle Dätzingen)
Schlichtenmaier Classic - Special works from gallery stock (anniversary show Stuttgart)
Color in turmoil Fleck - Güdemann - Hahn - Schoofs Wintersberger - Zimmer (Castle Dätzingen)
Eckart Hahn - Eden (Stuttgart)
Thomas Deyle - light interpreter (Stuttgart)
Cordula Güdemann - Pictures from the color (Dätzingen Castle)
Best of 2019 (Stuttgart)
Art from the holdings of the gallery (Dätzingen Castle)

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