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Otto Ritschl

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Otto Ritschl
Ritschl, 1961
1885born in Erfurt
1918gives up his work as a writer and begins to paint
 member of the Wiesbaden Art Association
1919first exhibition in Wiesbaden
1925participates in the exhibition "Neue Sachlichkeit" in Mannheim
1929stay in Paris
1932Exhibition of non-objective painting in Wiesbaden, gets to know works by Fritz Winter
1933Premature termination of his exhibition at the Folkwang Museum, Essen by the National Socialists. Inner emigration
 close friendship with Alexej v. Jawlensky
1945becomes acquainted with works by Adolf Hölzel in Stuttgart
1947solo exhibition at the Villa Dr. Ottomar Domnick in Stuttgart
1947-51Friendship with Ernst Wilhelm Nay
1955Participation in documenta I
1955-57Participation in the exhibition of the group ZEN 49
1959Participation in documenta II
1960Villa Romana Prize. Federal Cross of Merit first class
1965Medal of Honor of the City of Wiesbaden in Gold
1972Grand Federal Cross of Merit
1976Otto Ritschl dies in Wiesbaden
Abstracting symbolic forms dominate Ritschl's paintings of the post-war period. From 1954 on, the forms, which until then had still drawn their expression from the softly moving interplay with the freely moving line, deepen. Geometric vocabulary leads to a stricter organization of the composition, while at the same time Ritschl refrains from painterly factures and color nuances. The artist thus stands as a counterpart of the contemporaneous Tachists in the vicinity of the French Constructivists, with whom he also exhibits.
Due to the death of his wife in 1958, the formal accents of Ritschl's art changed. Thus, the colors break away from their strict order and float in island-like, generous panes in front of a tinted ground. Around 1960, the colors became an independent element of monochrome meditation pictures, in order to visualize the forces and energies at work. The essential pictorial element remains the diffusely blurring outline of the color fields. Ritschl's abstractions never refer to concrete things, but to areas of the soul. 
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