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Hannes Kilian

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Hannes Kilian
1909Born in Ludwigshafen, Lake Constance
1926-28Spoersche commercial school
1928-1931Apprenticeship in photography in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland
1931-33employment with AKTUELLESie company Grau in Lucerne
Economic crisis: no more work permit in Switzerland
Return to Germany
1933-36Due to the political situation, emigration to Naples
Establishment of a department for small-format photography at the Kunsthaus Bowinkel
Employment at the photo studio Giorgio Sommer
1936-37Tour guide in Paris, also at the World Exhibition
1938Assistant in the film studios of director René Clair
Withdrawal of work permit for foreigners in France
Return to Stuttgart as "foreign German
Work as freelance photojournalist
1941Enlistment in the German Wehrmacht as a war correspondent, deployment in the Russian campaign
1944Wounded before Leningrad, hospital in Riga, transferred back to Stuttgart
Despite ban on photography, documentation of destruction in Stuttgart
1945Portrait photography, continuation of free press work
From 1946Travels (among others: Italy, France, Spain, London, Egypt, Greece, Lebanon, USA and Romania)
Reportages throughout the Federal Republic of Germany (e.g. 1949, 1959,1963)
Beginning of free and long-term cooperation with international magazines
and illustrated magazines, various daily, weekly and monthly newspapers
Documentation of the reconstruction in Germany
documentation of cultural life, theater and ballet photography
feuilletonistic photographs, experiments, exhibitions, books.
1999died in Wäschenbeuren
1978"Dr. Günther Rennert" State Opera House Stuttgart
1982"Carl Orff" State Opera House Stuttgart
1994"The 50s" Entrance hall of Stuttgart main station
1995"The Destruction and Reconstruction" Stuttgart Main Station
2004"Picture stories Hannes Kilian" House of History Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart
2007"John Cranko on his 80th birthday" State Opera Stuttgart
2009"Hannes Kilian photographs". Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin.
2012"Hannes Kilian In the Interplay of Light" Gallery Schlichtenmaier.
"Hannes Kilian Photographs" Kunstgebäude Stuttgart.
2013"Hannes Kilian Photographs" Museum of Modern Art Passau
2014"Hannes Kilian" Goethe Institute Paris
2019"Hannes Kilian - Photographs from 1937 -1977" PHOTOKUNST, Berlin
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