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Gerhard Hoehme

Available works
1920Born in Greppin near Dessau
1948studies at the art school and workshops of the city of Halle, Burg Giebichenstein
1952Flight to West Germany; contact with Fautrier and Dubuffet
1952-53Studies at the Düsseldorf Art Academy with the graphic artist Otto Coester
1955Chairman of "Gruppe 53
1959Participates in documenta II
1960Villa-Massimo Prize, Rome
1960-84Professorship at the Düsseldorf Art Academy
1962Marzotto Prize for European Painting
1984Paul Klee Professorship for Fine Arts at the University of Giessen
1989died in Neuss-Selikum
Gerhard Hoehme is one of the most important painters of German Informel, to which he gave important and continuing impulses. As a member and chairman of the Düsseldorf "Gruppe 53" he was in close exchange with Peter Brüning, Winfred Gaul, Karl Otto Götz, Karl Fred Dahmen, Bernhard Schultze and Emil Schumacher. In the beginning, Gerhard Hoehme's artistic work focused on the theme of the painterly action and the artistic materials. The preoccupation with color characterized his early paintings and culminated in the so-called Borkenbilder, whose rough surface appeals less to the visual than to the haptics of the viewer. Around 1960, Hoehme's work increasingly developed scriptural structures. Cy Twombly, whom Hoehme met in Rome in 1960, as well as his involvement with French Tachism, especially Wols, provided important impulses for this development. The paintings of this period resemble polymorphous, calligraphic structures full of dynamism. Ciphers, line abbreviations, letters and numbers complement each other to form a harmonious overall picture. The so-called letter pictures are replaced by works that explore the relations between the picture and the viewer in a symbolic way. While Hoehme understands the works reminiscent of cutting patterns as an expression of a "need to survey the world," he aesthetically circles the question of the appropriate recipient of artistic intentions with the string object pictures that reach out into space. 
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