ARTISTS / Art after 1945
Siegfried Cremer

Available works
1929Born in Dortmund
1933Moved to Coesfeld
1936-55Residence in Dülmen/Westphalia
1943-46Sculptor apprenticeship in Dülmen
1946/47Attends the Schlüter School for ecclesiastical art in Nienborg-Heek
1947-52Training in sculpture (with Prof. Guntermann) and in painting (with Prof. Vinzenz Pieper) at the Werkkunstschule in Münster; since then artistically active
1952-55Training as a restorer at the Landesmuseum Münster; artistic exploration of Surrealism
1955-64Worked as a restorer at the Kaiser Wilhelm Museum in Krefeld
1956Occupation with the Informel
1957-59wire sculptures, wood collages, static objects
1959-62kinetic works; increasing reduction (vibration sculptures)
1963-65objects made of packaging materials, letter pictures
1964-77Head of the restoration atelier of the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart
1975Resumption of artistic activity
1977-94Professorship for painting technique at the Düsseldorf Art Academy
1990first wicker collages
2015died in Stuttgart
Siegfried Cremer was also extraordinarily active as a collector. The development of an extensive art collection of the European avant-garde of the 1950s and 1960s with Zero, Kinetics, Nouveau réalisme, Fluxus, Pop Art and concrete poetry, which began in Krefeld around 1957, was finally completed in 1974. Today, part of the collection is housed as the Cremer Collection Foundation in the Westphalian State Museum in Münster, while another part is owned by the Museum am Ostwall in the Dortmunder U in Dortmund. In Düsseldorf, Cremer builds up a collection of nomadic carpets from the end of 1989, which is completed in 1993.
From the mid-1990s, a collection of vases for individual flowers made of utility glass is created, which goes as a donation to the Westphalian State Museum of Industrial Culture Glashütte Gernheim in Petershagen. The collections of candlesticks and crosses begun thereafter remained unfinished. 
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