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Anton Stankowski

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Anton Stankowski
Photo: Stefan Moses
1906born in Gelsenkirchen
1926-29studies at the Folkwang School of Design, Essen
1929-34Work in Zurich, Max Delang studio
1938Moves from Lörrach to Stuttgart; founds the "Graphisches Atelier" (together with Emil Zander)
since 1953Member of the Deutscher Werkbund
Participation in the Venice Biennale; start of collaboration with Karl Duschek
1982Villa Massimo Prize, Rome
1985Founding of the Stankoski Foundation
1991Hans-Molfenter-Prize of the City of Stuttgart
1998Harry Graf Kessler Prize of the German Artists' Association
1998died in Esslingen am Neckar
Anton Stankowski is one of the most important Constructivists of the post-war period in Germany and is one of the driving forces behind international "Concrete Art." In every area of his wide-ranging work, which includes photography, graphic design and painting, he has set innovative standards and found artistic solutions that have lost none of their relevance to this day.

Already during his studies at the Folkwangschule in Essen, he created his first visual-functional graphics and there he also met El Lissitzky. From the Russian Constructivist he adopts the preference for pure form, that is, square, circle, line, the surface and color. For Stankowski, it was not the invention that was important, but rather a critical approach to the given circumstances. Consequently, he developed the "constructive graphic" with his innovative typographic conception and dealt scientifically with design theories. With his constructed pictorial reference systems, he demonstrates that art can become a field of practice in the periphery of the formal.
he designs the company logo for large companies, such as IDUNA, SIGNAL, SEL, VIESSMANN and IBM; furthermore the signet for DEUTSCHE BANK, REWE, Münchner RÜCK; his "functional graphics" and his "design primer" make him one of the most influential designers of the 20th century and the doyen of visual communication; 
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