ARTISTS / Art after 1945
Josua Reichert

Available works
1937born in stuttgart
1959studied with HAP Grieshaber at the State Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe
1960own workshop in stuttgart, then in munich
1963participation in the III Youth Biennale Paris
1964Scholarship from the Geschwister Boehringer Ingelheim Foundation for the Promotion of the Humanities
1965Scholarship of the Cultural Circle in the Federal Association of German Industry
1967Participation in the Vth Youth Biennale Paris
1968Participation in the IV. documenta in Kassel
1969Guest lecturer at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam
1972Relocation to Haidholzen, Stephanskirchen/Simssee
member of the german artists' association until 2013
1987Karl-Rössing travel grant of the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts Munich
1995 and 2001lecturer for letterpress printing at the summer academy Neuburg a. d. Donau
lives in Haidholzen
Through the printing of psalms, Reichert, who was a student of HAP Grieshaber in Karlsruhe, came to their original language, Hebrew. This awakened his interest in the various forms of the alphabet in different languages. In his prints, Reichert repeatedly takes up letters, genuine objects of a printer, as a motif and uses them as abstract compositional elements. The strict pictorial geometry of the prints is broken up by the choice of colors. In his early text prints, Reichert pressed the wooden letters onto the paper with his foot in a kind of stamp-printing process. When Reichert acquired a toggle press, he began his phase of "Poesia Typografika," a poetry without languages, but with type and letters. Finally, Reichert frees himself completely from formal specifications in his large-format hand prints and since then has used only a spoon as a printing tool, with which he rubs his papers from behind.
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