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Wilhelm Loth

Available works
1920Born in Darmstadt
trained as a surveying technician
private lessons with Fritz Schwarzbeck and oriented himself on Wilhelm Lehmbruck and Ernst Barlach
1937letter contact with Käthe Kollwitz
from 1940labor and war service and attended the sculpture class of Toni Stadler at the Städelschule in Frankfurt at the same time
1946released from a two-year war captivity
1947continues his studies with Fritz Schwarzbeck
1948teaching as assistant at the Technical University of Darmstadt
from 1953Chairman of the Darmstadt Secession
1955Art Prize of the City of Darmstadt, since 1995 the designation Wilhelm Loth Prize
1958-86Professor of the sculpture class at the State Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe (students include Franz Bernhard, Barbara Isabella Bauer-Heusler as well as Jürgen Goertz, Jörn Kausch, Guido Kucznierz, Ingeborg Maier-Buss, Robert Schad, Jutta Schwalbach and Elisabeth Wagner)
1959Scholarship of the Villa Massimo
1964Participant of the documenta III in Kassel
1965Grand Art Prize of the City of Cologne
1979Federal Cross of Merit on ribbon
1989First chairman of the German Artists' Association
1990Jerg Ratgeb Prize
1992the Wilhelm-Loth-Foundation in Karlsruhe was established, the basic stock of which comprises thirty bronzes as well as plastics and numerous plasters as well as about three thousand drawings and watercolors
1993died in Darmstadt
 Wilhelm Loth was a member of the Deutscher Künstlerbund (German Artists' Association)
In the years after the Second World War, which were completely dominated by the triumph of abstract art, Wilhelm Loth did not allow himself to be diverted from his path of dealing with the image of man. He is singled out by art history as a singular stylist between figurative and abstract sculpture. While the beginning of his early oeuvre is still characterized by a classical attitude in the broadest sense, in the course of the 1950s cubist abstract forms gain in importance. Loth dealt anew with the theme of the figure and, at the same time as Horst Antes, made a decisive contribution to New Figuration, which took on a special development in Karlsruhe. The autonomy of the plastic-spatial ties itself to the corporeality of the female body. Loth radically pushes towards fragmenting and increasingly tames the dynamic body landscape of his torsos with geometric outlines. 
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